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Raven Multi-Touch Pro Tools Console

This piece of gear is so revolutionary, I had to post the full product video. It’s very pricey, but touchscreen consoles are the “wave of the future!” The Raven MTi is smaller and doesn’t have the monitoring features, but a much better choice for the small/project studio.

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What’s Your Studio Setup?

This week we want to hear from you! One conversation that keeps coming up when we talk to recording enthusiasts is gear and setup. There are so many combinations of computers/interfaces/midi, that we find some combos work better then others. My personal setup is this: Macbook Pro (8GB RAM, Quad Processor, 2.66GHZ Intel Core i7) […]

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A Really Nice Preamp

Really Nice Preamp

No kidding, the product is called “Really Nice Preamp” or RNP8380 and it’s a handmade unit that rocks. FMR Audio makes these units among other great gear and they are a small company down in Texas. I chose the unit due to many good reviews and the price. All I needed was two more channels […]

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How to choose a preamp for Pro Tools

If you are planning on getting in the land of Pro Tools, you will faced with many options for a preamp/digital interface. The most common choice is the Digi 002/003, which gives you 8 input channels (4 mic-pres).  Other popular choices include M-Audio and PreSonus models. The main consideration for making the proper preamp/firewire choice […]

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