One Song Mixed and Mastered for Free

Mike EchlinI’m taking a limited number of projects this week for free.  I will mixdown and master one song per person.

How to enter: simply comment below letting me know you want to take up this offer. That’s it.

I’ll give you specific instructions on how to send me your tracks.

Let’s rock!

  • Prashant Shokeen

    Sir, i want to take this offer!

  • Hello Prashant! Thanks for taking me up on this offer. Can you send me a dropbox link with your tracks?

  • Quincy howard

    I want this

  • Thanks Quincy! Please send me a dropbox or Google drive link with your tracks. mikeechlin at gmail dot com.

  • Richard

    Hello Dear Mike,
    I would love to take your offer for your mixing and mastering a song of mine. I am a student and kind of stuck with my new song. I recorded at home. The song including guitar, bass, vocals and drums arranged with SSD4 instrument. I recorded in Pro tools 24 Bit 44 kHz. I still try to fix here and there but I think I need kind of a bit of a distance so I can hear more neutral again, I guess. 🙂
    Could you help me ?

    Thanks in advance. Regards Richard.

  • Richard

    Hello again,
    One thing I forgot to mention before. Pro Tools 12.5, may be important. 🙂

    Thanks again. Regards Richard

  • Hello Richard – happy to help! Please send me a dropbox link with your session and files.