Recording a drum kit in Pro Tools

My sound room is about 8×15. I have an AKG D112 in the kick drum placed about half way in, pointing towards the beater. The snare has a SM57 at about a 45 degree angle, 3 inches from the head. The overhead mic is an AKG C3000. I use the 10db cut switch on the this mic when recording drums and use the hypercardoid pattern. The last mic is a basic Samson active mic and it is placed about 6 feet away from the kick about 1 foot off the ground.
I setup 4 mono tracks in pro tools and make sure the levels are coming about -10db. Here are the inserts per mic:
  • 4 band EQ, boosting 100k about 4db. Also cut 2k about 6db (removing some of the hollow sound)
  • Expander/Gate: -15db threshold, 100:1 ratio, -24db range (slight mod from a preset)
  • 4 band EQ, boost 150k & 10k about 3db (really depends on natural snare sound)
  • Compression: -22db threshold, 3:1 ratio, .27ms attack, 50ms release
  • Compression: -1db gain, -24db threshold, 5:1 ratio, .25ms attack, 50ms release
  • Compression: -31db threshold, 3:1 ratio, 11ms attack, 50ms release
Also, I setup a mono-stereo bus on all tracks, however bypass the snare. TIP: when sending audio through a bus for multiple tracks on the same instrument, you should have it applied on all of those tracks even if not using it. Not doing so will cause unwanted latency (sounds like phase probs) since the bus adds a ms or so of delay.
I setup a stereo Aux track to receive the bussed audio and inserted reverb. Here is the reverb setting:
-small room, 87% diffusion, 1sec. decay, 100% mix, 17ms pre-delay.
This gives the effect of a larger natural room for the entire drum mix. You will need to test the send levels of the bus to allow for a natural sound. I bypassed the bus on the snare mic completely since I was getting enough effect from the overhead and room.