What’s Your Studio Setup?

This week we want to hear from you!
One conversation that keeps coming up when we talk to recording enthusiasts is gear and setup.
There are so many combinations of computers/interfaces/midi, that we find some combos work better then others.
My personal setup is this:
Macbook Pro (8GB RAM, Quad Processor, 2.66GHZ Intel Core i7)
OSX v10.7.5
Thunderbolt – Firewire adapter
Digi 002 Rack Mic-pre/Interface
M-Audio Axiom 49 Midi Keyboard
Pro Tools v10
I’m using the native Digidesign Core driver to connect to the Digi 002. The most challenging part of the setup was getting the audio drivers installed and activated for the 002. I use the midi connections on the 002 to run the M-Audio.
In the past, I’ve run Windows XP with Pro Tools v7.1 and although it worked just fine, I prefer the Mac setup. Not the least of which, is the low-noise on the Mac! The PC I was using had a massive 200w fan that wouldn’t allow any recording to happen in the same room.
What are some challenges you faced (or are facing) when setting up your recording rig?
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