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This site contains a library of Pro Tools tutorials to help you quickly improve your Pro Tools knowledge.
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Aside from Pro Tools tutorials, we also provide free tutorials on other skills such as typing skill on which we use Keyblaze Typing Tutor as the software for the practice. The videos and the courses has been displayed on our other website.
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Pro Tools Free

Avid has released a free version of Pro Tools for the beginner to get started quickly. This new free version is called Pro Tools First. Pro Tools First still requires an iLok and comes with the following plugins: Dynamics IIID-VerbAir Expand!2 Pro Tools First is a great solution for re-mixers and producers who do not need an external interface to connect multiple instruments. You can plug in any USB mic or keyboard and get going. You can purchase plug-in add ons through the Avid marketplace. Here is a free tutorial for getting started with Pro Tools once you have installed the software.

How To Use Pro Tools

Alright, so you’ve decided to jump into Pro Tools, congrats! It may seem overwhelming at first. Remember, the recording process is more about capturing sounds as naturally as possible – not learning ten thousand features in a software program. The software mastery will come over time, so don’t fret (sorry, yes a little pun intended). This mini-tutorial should get you going in about an hour! That said, I’ve created a series of videos that will get you on the right track using Pro Tools for demo recording as well as professional mixes. If you need help choosing an interface/pre-amp, check out this post. If you also need help connecting and configuring your computer and gear, check out this post. Here’s a quick video to help with hardware configuration: Once you have your Pro Tools software installed and hardware configured, you are ready to go! Check out this post for setting up your first session. Remember, staying as organized as possible with your session setup and labeling is very …

Recording Midi Drums in Pro Tools

In this video, I demonstrate how to record midi drums using an external controller. We talk about how to use a click track and then quantize the drums after they are recorded.

Multi-track Session Overview

In this tutorial, I walk through a typical multi-track session in Pro Tools v10. We look at using standard plug-ins for EQ and compression as inserts on some tracks and in the main buss. I’ll show you how I get a decent drum sound by using 3 mics. We’ll also look at the master channel and how I achieve a “master-like” effect using a limiter.

Raven Multi-Touch Pro Tools Console

This piece of gear is so revolutionary, I had to post the full product video. It’s very pricey, but touchscreen consoles are the “wave of the future!” The Raven MTi is smaller and doesn’t have the monitoring features, but a much better choice for the small/project studio.

Cleaning Up Crappy Drum Tracks

In most modern recorded music, drums are probably the most important element to get right.  The sound of the drums set the tone for the track and most listeners can spot an amateur recording if the drums are wrong. Graham walks us through his methods for cleaning up drum tracks.  His suggestions are also great for tracking drums as well, since they are based on the same principles.

What’s Your Studio Setup?

This week we want to hear from you! One conversation that keeps coming up when we talk to recording enthusiasts is gear and setup.
There are so many combinations of computers/interfaces/midi, that we find some combos work better then others. My personal setup is this: Macbook Pro (8GB RAM, Quad Processor, 2.66GHZ Intel Core i7)
OSX v10.7.5
Thunderbolt – Firewire adapter
Digi 002 Rack Mic-pre/Interface
M-Audio Axiom 49 Midi Keyboard
Pro Tools v10 I’m using the native Digidesign Core driver to connect to the Digi 002. The most challenging part of the setup was getting the audio drivers installed and activated for the 002. I use the midi connections on the 002 to run the M-Audio. In the past, I’ve run Windows XP with Pro Tools v7.1 and although it worked just fine, I prefer the Mac setup. Not the least of which, is the low-noise on the Mac! The PC I was using had a massive 200w fan that wouldn’t allow any recording to happen in the same room. What are some challenges you faced (or are facing)…